La centrifugation avec LCMI La centrifugation avec LCMI

Our approach

Our offer is based on rental mobile units of centifugeuse kind, able to move from site to site. We assure the delivery and commissioning of the equipment. To help you in the implementation of your projects, we are able to offer the training your staff to use our machines.

We propose the provision of generators to ensure energy independence of our mobile units.

The process

Dewatering is based on centrifuge technology. A decanter uses centrifugal force to separate the sludge from the water.

Before sludge dewatering, they are mixed with a polymer that improves the efficiency of the dehydration. Then, they are injected into the centrifuge. The water is then discharged at the top of the station. Dehydrated sludge, in paste form, are removed by means of screw recovery.

schéma centrifugeuse de déshydratation de boues

The sludge to be treated is introduced via a feeding tube, in a rotor. The centrifuge comprises a bowl and a screw conveyor. A differential speed between the two elements allows the blowdown.

The screw discharges the settled solid to the conical end of the bowl. The clarified liquid (centrate) is discharged at the other end and then returned to the top of the station.

Our mobile unit

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