La centrifugation avec LCMI
location à partir de 1800€ hors taxe déshydratation de boues avantages de la centrifugation unité mobile centrifugeuse

Who are we ?

The company LCMI was born from the meeting between Claude Deschamps , professional of the centrifugation for over 10 years and Stéphane Durif investor.

The rental market for industrial sludge treatment machinery is booming in France and abroad. Our aim is to provide the rental of mobile sludge dewatering units without staff. We operate throughout Europe!

Our business

Rental of mobile sludge dewatering units

We offer you for rent two mobile units sludge processing :

Location Andritz Guinard D5L
Location Andritz Guinard D4L

Each mobile unit can be moved by truck. We provide a generator for energy autonomy.

The system is composed of a device for pumping slurries, which by a centrifugal process will be removed in solid form in bins. We treat all types of sludge (after studying your samples).

Maintenance of your centrifuges

Our technical center overhauls and repairs all your Guinard Andritz centrifuges with the possibility of sales of spare parts.

Sale of complete mobile units

We offer for sale turnkey mobile units. Do not hesitate to contact us